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FREE 1st Class Delivery On Orders Over £25
Image of a child's jetpack backpack, designed to look like a pair of red rockets with flames coming out the end and the word fuel written on the left hand red rocket. The main body of the bag is white with black trim.

Shuttle To & From School With This Perfect Back To School Gift

Take off for school. Cosmic polyester backpack in a jet-pack design with adjustable padded straps for comfort and convenience and a name tag. Pack your backpack and prepare for launch!! Blasting on the shuttle to outer spaces? The jetpack backpack is great for flying around wherever you go, from the shop, to orbiting the park. The backpack has plenty of space for all your missions and for storing the essentials for launch-time. Remember to fill the rear rocket pockets with pencils or drinks to stay fully fueled for when you need them. The sky really is the limit!

We love this gift as it's practical and novel and fully embodies what being a child should be all about, having fun, having adventures and using your imagination.

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Measures 360mm(W) x 450mm(H) x 150mm(D) | 0.4Kg.

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