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FREE 1st Class Delivery On Orders Over £25

Moulding Powder - Chromatic Alginate 2 Packs of 450g

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Chromatic Alginate is a safe non allergic material, it’s the pink mixture used by Dentists to take mouth moulds. It's made from sea weed and can be used to make precision moulds for casting body parts. This white powder turns pink when mixed with water and once set turns white/grey to indicate that the mould is set (the Alginate is now in a firm/set state). 

The temperature of the water you use will affect how quickly the Alginate sets, colder water takes longer for the alginate to set than warmer water. The recommended water temperature for mixing is 23°C at which temperature the mixing time is about 120 seconds. At 25°C mixing time goes down to about 90 seconds. Typical room temperature water should be fine to work with. In winter cold water from the tap may require a small amount of warm water to be added or the Alginate will take far longer to set.