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FREE 1st Class Delivery On Orders Over £25

Life Casting Kit 3D

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This easy to use life casting kit enables you to make replicas from the human body such as your hand, foot, ear, face, and so on by using the Chromatic Alginate to create your mould. You would then use this mould as the case for pouring in your Stone Casting Plaster which can be finished in a variety of ways including painting.

Each Kit Contains:

  • 450 g Chromatic Alginate Powder;
  • 1 kg Stone Casting Plaster;
  • Disposable Gloves;
  • Stirring Stick;
  • Full Instructions.

This kit makes a great gift for Valentine's Day, New Borns, Birthdays, Weddings and allows you to immortalise those special moments and to remember loved ones.

How it Works


Work quickly to mix the Chromatic Alginate Powder with water to make the moulding mix. The mix is non toxic and safe to use on skin.


Submerge your body part (eg Hands) in the desired position into the moulding mix and wait for the mould to turn white and become firm before removing your body part (eg Hands).


Mix the stone casting powder with water to make the casting mix.


Pour the stone casting mix into the mould ensuring all voids are filled.


After the stone casting mix has set, remove the mould from the container and break away the mould to reveal your sculpture.

Refine & Paint

Refine your finished sculpture by carefully removing any excess beads of plaster and imperfections until you're satisfied with the finished article.

You can then use paint to enhance your sculpture if you want to.