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FREE 1st Class Delivery On Orders Over £25

Storm Glass

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It’s a glass barometer and was used to predict the weather in Europe in 19th century. 

Before satellites and weathermen were around to predict the weather with their computerised accuracy, the most reliable means of telling the weather came from Storm Glasses. For a bit of that old fashioned means of telling the weather, this Small Drop shaped Storm Glass is the perfect choice.

Once it’s been given appropriate settling time in your chosen location, this Glass is designed to predict the weather by means of the owner observing the way the glass and the crystals react. For example, small crystals and cloudy glass mean thunderstorms, whereas visible crystals means fog or humid weather, and clear glass means clear weather.  Even better, and perhaps more importantly, the small drop is gorgeous to look at, especially as it gradually changes, making this a truly beautiful ornamental piece that almost never looks the same from day to day.

Measures 11cm x 8cm so a perfect compact size to sit on a desk, coffee table or bookcase.