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History Heroes Card Game - Kings & Queens

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History Heroes: Kings & Queens quiz card game contains individual, beautifully illustrated cards of forty key British kings and queens from Alfred the Great to our present day queen, Elizabeth II.

Guess the King or Queen from British history to win the card! A fantastic, pocket sized quiz card game to educate and entertain all ages.

Each card is illustrated to represent the individual monarch in history and shows their dates, ‘house’ and seven gripping facts about them, including a surprising joker fact about each. Discover which monarch’s huge stomach exploded during his (oops, a bit of a clue there!) funeral, creating a terrible stench and who was described by one Victorian historian as ‘the most perfect character in history’.

The set also contains a bonus card with the famous rhyme to help you remember the order of all the kings and queens from 1066 to the present day.

History Heroes quiz card games are a fun way to learn about history and make ideal home education activities and home learning games.

Different levels of play - green to red: easiest to hard.

Manufacturer Recommended Age 8 - 80 Years+.

Highly Commended in the 2019 Gift of The Year Awards.

Made in Great Britain.

2-6 Players

Weight: 145 g

Dimensions: 11.8 x 7 x 1.8 cm